2015 UNSW Teaching – RAW Impact Slum Relocation Cambodia Studio

RAW (Raising Awareness Worldwide) Impact Slum Relocation Residential Hybrid Model, Cambodia

Studio Tutors: Rob Brown & Carly Martin
2015|  ARCH7111 Design Studio 2
UNSW Masters of Architecture Programme Architecture + Design


This design studio takes a world wide view of architecture with social purpose and the challenging varied roles architects can play to help communities in need.


The Hybrid model is a new project for RAW Impact (Raising Awareness Worldwide) an Australian non-governmental organisation working in Cambodia, sited near the Mekong River outside of Phnom Penh.


The Raw impact organization seeks to ‘raise awareness worldwide’ by creating powerful change through sustainable projects in Cambodia. This is done by teams of volunteers from high schools, universities and corporate businesses assisting the poorest rural communities by hands on building projects including schools, community buildings, housing as well as providing education for teachers, agricultural projects health, sanitation and water resources.


With the rapidly expanding city of Phnom Penh outlying villages are being engulfed as suburbs of the city, many of these villages on the outskirts of the city are slums whose occupants do not own the land they live on. The government policy is to relocate these slum dwellers to a distant agricultural part of the country as part of any redevelopment of the city surrounds. RAW has built a school and individual housing for these slum dwellers to date, but the encroaching city development will see the people they have been helping relocated far from where they currently live and work and send their children to school. Hence RAW have decided to purchase land near to the school and develop a medium density mixed use residential prototype development to relocate the slum dwellers so they can stay in the community.

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