2018 UNSW TEACHING – Extreme Urbanisation Lab, Ahmedabad old city, India

Studio Tutors: Rajiv Kadam, Rob Brown + Carly Martin

2018 | ARCH

UNSW Masters of Architecture + Masters of Urban Design


 This intensive studio allows Master of Architecture and Urban Design students to explore and engage with the contemporary global challenges of rapid urbanisation, affordable mass housing and urban resilience in a context in which these challenges are most amplified. The studio is a collaboration between the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, CEPT and UNSW Built Environment. Students will be required to do an analysis of the existing fabric, traditional urban morphologies and building technologies, (construction and environmental systems) that have sustained the world heritage city of Ahmedabad over many centuries. The challenge is to regenerate and adapt this fabric for 21st century living while maintaining the critical conservation values of the precinct. Students will be expected to propose innovative uses, adaption and architectural interventions that while specific to a place and building, can also be strategically applied as a model for other adaptive reuse projects within the city, providing a compendium of adaptation strategies and lessons for wider application.


Old City Ahmedabad 1.15000.jpg
Old City Ahmedabad.jpg